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Servisní technologická laboratoř

Service Technology Laboratory (STL) is a section within Core Facility department of the Institute of Biotechnology in BIOCEV. Our laboratory was founded as a member of preclinical Test Sites in the CAS and we are primarily oriented to medicinal chemistry and preclinical development. Our experience comprises preparation of various Test Items including process optimization and initial scale-up. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification of prepared compounds is an option for GLP part of preclinical development. Synthetic work is offered either on contract basis or as a part of academical collaboration. STL laboratory can also assist with formulation development as well as with chemical and physical stability studies including sub visible particles analysis. Our laboratory is frequently involved in both study design and evaluation. If required, we can also assist with composing of patent applications and documentation for the State Institute for Drug Control. STL is also very much opened for academical collaboration in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and SAR studies. 



For more information, please contact Lukáš Werner, PhD or Jan Štursa, PhD.