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12.3.2020 “Single cell analysis of endothelial metabolic transcriptome plasticity in pathological angiogenesis” Kateřina Rohlenová
20.2.2020 “Mammalian Sperm Capacitation is Mediated by Ubiquitin – Proteasome System.” Michal Zigo
23.01.2020  “Right place, right time: Evolutionary conservation of maternal transcripts.” Ravindra Naraine
12.12.2019 “Density map similarity, symmetry and overlay detection as initial steps of map interpretation.” Michal Tykač
28.11.2019 “Small binding proteins mimicking epitopes of broadly neutralizing antibodies as potential HIV vaccine components.” Petr Malý
14.11.2019 “Vitamins, non-canonical amino acids, and LOV(e) domains enlightened by the new IBT equipment.” Gustavo Fuertes Vives
16.10.2019 “Tour de force of mitochondrially targeted anti-cancer drugs: From an experimental error to a clinical trial.” Jiří Neužil
25.06.2019 "Mitochondria-adaptor TRAK enables kinesin-1 driven transport in crowded environments." Verena Henrichs
30.05.2019 “The Role of Transcription Factor SOX2 in Sensory Development.” Iva Mácová
30.04.2019 “Monitoring of protein network dynamics: The role of Fcrl proteins during sperm-egg membrane interaction?” Jana Svobodová
11.04.2019 “What defines specificity of non specific S1-P1 nucleases?” Tomáš Koval´
28.03.2019 “Hepcidin, erythropoiesis and iron metabolism: erythroferrone and its glycosylation.” Jaroslav Truksa
21.02.2019 “Design and biological and structural characterization of novel HDAC6 – specific inhibitors.” Jakub Ptáček
24.01.2019 “Diverse transcriptomic response after ischemic stroke in young and aged animals.” Peter Androvič
13.12.2018 “Structural Bioinformatics integrated with Molecular Biology, are we there yet?” Jiří Černý
15.11.2018 “Viperin protein – The fighter against viruses.” Pavel Mikulecký

Alternative assembly of respiratory complex II connects energy stress to metabolic checkpoints”

Jakub Rohlena
21. 6. 2018

Contraction of actin rings in the absence of myosin motors

Ondřej Kučera
24. 5. 2018 Islet1 and Neurod1 reciprocal mutations affect inner ear development Martina Dvořáková
10. 5. 2018 „The role of nitric oxide during embryonic epidermis development Silvie Tománková
26. 4. 2018 „Novel diagnostic markers for sperm selection to enhance human assisted reproduction success Kateřina Hortová
19. 4. 2018 „Active site complementation of new glycosidase from family GH 29 revealed using x-ray crystallography Terézia Kovaľová
15. 3. 2018 „The role of mitochondria in the resistance to tamoxifen in breast cancer cells Veronika Tomková
22. 2. 2018 „HDAC6 N - terminal domain is a microtubule-binding module Kseniya Ustinova
14.12.2017 „Path sampling techniques for enhanced free energy calculations of proteins - What do/can the systems tell us in silico? Emanuel Karl Peter
19.10.2017 „Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in blood of patients with lung adenocarcinoma Lucie Vaňková
14. 9. 2017 „Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase dysfunction in mitochondria induces cell cycle arrest via replication and ribosomal stress Soňa Hubáčková
18. 5. 2017 „Cytoskeletal complexes studied at single-molecule resolution Zdeněk Lánský
27. 4. 2017 „Bilirubin oxidase: insight into a substrate binding mechanism Leona Švecová
13. 4. 2017 „Efficient killing of cancer cell via mitochondrial targeting of iron chelators Cristian Sandoval
23. 3. 2017 „Transcriptional Regulation of Inner Ear Development Iva Mácová
23. 2. 2017 Gene expression during wound healing Pavel Abaffy
9. 2. 2017 Estrogens and their receptors in male reproduction Pavla Dostálová
26. 1. 2017 Newly formulated DNA structural alphabet reveals structural origin of histone positioning Bohdan Schneider
24.11.2016 Construction of recombinant mimotopes for induction of neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 gp120 glycoprotein using high-affinity binders approach Milan Raška
29. 9. 2016 „Is mitochondrial transfer between cells a common physiological phenomenon that supports energy homeostasis? Mike Berridge
30. 6. 2016 „New monoclonal antibodies recognizing glutamate carboxypeptidase II as research and theranostic tools Zora Nováková
23. 6. 2016 „Structures of natural killer cells CTL receptors and their ligands Tereza Skálová
19. 5. 2016 „Effects of Maternal Diabetes and HIF1 Signalling on the Developing Heart Radka Čerychová
21. 4. 2016 „Regulation of estrogen receptor α by microRNA-301a Sandra Lettlová
14. 4. 2016 „Development of a new protein scaffold for directed evolution Phuong Ngoc Pham
3. 3. 2016 „Searching singles, picking cells - multianalyte profiling and comparison with bulk David Švec
11. 2. 2016 „Targeting the human IL-17RA receptor: a challenge for novel immunosuppressive binding proteins Milan Kuchař
28. 1. 2016 „Ready at the Right Time: Milestones to be Achieved Kateřina Hortová
15.10.2015 „Death receptors triggered signaling in cancer cells Ladislav Anděra
8. 10. 2015 „Remodeling mitochondria during P19 embryonal carcinoma cell differentiation Paulo J. Oliveira
18. 6. 2015 „Mapping of histone deacetylase 6 substrate specificity Ľubica Škultétyová
21. 5. 2015 „Early onset of age-related hearing loss in Pax2-Isl1 transgenic mice Tetyana Chumak
16. 4. 2015 „High throughput, high performance expression profiling, from Circulating Tumor Cells to intracellular mRNA, microRNA and protein profiles Mikael Kubista
2. 4. 2015 „Tumour - initiating cells (TICs) and their iron metabolism Jaroslav Truksa
12. 3. 2015 „Horizontal transfer of mitochondrial genome in cancer and its functional consequences Jiří Neužil
5. 2. 2015 „Hydration of amino acid residues in proteins: What can we learn from data mining? Lada Biedermannová
15. 1. 2015 „The development of high complex combinatorial library derived from myomesin domain scaffold Lucie Marečková
11.12.2014 TRPV1 gating characteristics revealed by gain-to-function mutations” Štěpána Boukalová
6. 11. 2014 Endocrine Disruptors and Male Fertility” Lukáš Děd
2. 10. 2014 De novo phased protein structure: parameters of SAD and other circumstances of structure solution” Jan Stránský
19. 6. 2014 Structural and Functional Investigation of Histone Deacetylase 6 Jiří Pavlíček
15. 5. 2014

The Role of Islet1 in the Development of the Auditory and Vestibular Pathways

Nicole Dodd

Single-Cell Gene Expression Analysis - Theory and Application

Lukáš Valihrach

The miR-301a story: Regulation of mitochondria by microRNA

Jaroslav Truksa
20. 3. 2014 „From Carbonic Anhydrase I to B-cell Mediated Šárka Růžičková
6. 2. 2014 „Bioinformatic analysis of dynamics of proteins and DNA” Bohdan Schneider
16. 1. 2014 „Novel binding proteins derived from an albumin-binding domain scaffold targeting prostate cancer biomarkers”
Lucie Marečková
„Complex II, its Enzymatic Function and the Induction of Apoptosis”
Jakub Rohlena
12.11.2013 „New concepts for biopharmaceutical drug development from protein design:Anticalins® and PASylation®” Arne Skerra
7.11. 2013 „Study of Proteins from the Sperm Surface with the ZonaA Pellucida Binding Activity” Michal Zigo
3.10. 2013

„Metalloenzymes - where Structure Matters. Catalyc and Stabilization Roles of Copper and Zinc in Bacterial Laccase and Plant Nuclease”

Jan Dohnálek
25. 6. 2013 „Energy Landscapes of Stable and Metastable DNA States Implicated in Repeat DNA Expansion and Disease States” Jens Volker
20. 6. 2013 „Selection of Anticalins against Human Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II” Jakub Ptáček
16. 5. 2013 „The Role of HIF-1α in Diabetic Embryopathy” Gabriela Pavlínková
29. 4. 2013 „Molecular development of the auditory system: a blueprint for hearing restoration?” Bernd Fritzsch
11. 4. 2013 „The role of nitric oxide during craniofacial development” Radek Šindelka
21. 2. 2013 „Regression of Tumors: A Role of Autoantibodies” Ján Lakota
24. 1. 2013 „Rational Design of High-affinity Interferon Gamma Receptor 1 Variants” Pavel Mikulecký