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Přednáška Paula V. Ruijgroka

23.7.2018 14:00

Srdečně Vás zveme na přednášku pořádanou Biotechnologickým ústavem AV ČR, v. v. i., která se koná v pondělí 23. července 2018 od 14:00 v seminární místnosti U2.020, BIOCEV.

  Paul V. Ruijgrok (Stanford University)


Engineering molecular motors to control cellular transport with light



Cells in living tissues routinely perform sophisticated spatiotemporal functions either to remain in a stable state in the presence of varying external signals or to respond to an external signal with a large scale action such as cell migration. The molecular motors of the cytoskeleton play important roles in these processes by generating contractility and directed intracellular transport. Defects in these motors, for example arising from genetic mutations, can result in severe human health problems ranging from heart disease to deafness and neurological disorders.
In this talk I will discuss the role of the molecular motor myosin in cellular transport and our efforts to engineer myosin motors with an optically controlled gear-shifting mechanism. These engineered motors provide a novel approach to make well-defined spatiotemporal perturbations, in order to understand how properties of individual molecules and their collective action give rise to cellular functions.