Seminars organized by IBT in the period 2022/2023

  • Seminars are held in the BIOCEV conference hall (U2. 012) from 4:00 p.m.
  • The topics of individual lectures will be updated continuously.
Date Institute Name Topic
20. 10. 2022 IMG T. Middelkoop Force - generation in the cytokinetic ring aligns cell division with egg shell geometry
27. 10. 2022 IBT G. Fuertes A practical guide to unnatural amino acids for structural biology and biophysics
10. 11. 2022 IBT Š. Benešová Small RNA-sequencing: Approaches, considerations and application
24. 11. 2022 IBT Alena Panicucci Zíková, Biology Centre CAS
Role of reactive oxygen species in metabolic remodeling during Trypanosoma brucei differentiation
1. 12. 2022 IBT P. Malý Directed evolution of proteins targeting human IL-6/IL-6 receptor system
8. 12. 2022 IBT J. Dohnálek

C-type lectin-like proteins in interactions; account of the human LLT1:NKR-P1 interaction pair

22. 12. 2022

First Faculty of Medicine

Markéta Skaličková

Anna Vernhauerová

Intratumoral therapy based on the poly(I:C) and anti-CD40 biomolecules
5. 1. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine Andrea Ujević Adaptors TANK and NAP1 control TNF-mediated autoimmunity
12. 1. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

T. Stopka

T. Turková

ISWI ATPase Smarca5 (Snf2h) is indispensable determinant of lymphoid skewing during stem cell repopulation
19. 1. 2023 IBT

J. Neužil

Zuzana Nahácka

Miro1 regulates the horizontal transfer of mitochondria in cancer

26. 1. 2023 IMG

R. Sedláček

Blanka Mrázková

Trabd2b sustains the balance between Wnt and Shh signaling gradients during mouse head and brain development
2. 2. 2023 FGÚ

L. Bačáková

Y. Petrenko

3D cultures for therapy and research

9. 2. 2023 IBT

J. Černý

B. Schramlová

Critical Assessment of Nucleic Acid Structures
16. 2. 2023 IMG J. Procházka Evolution of  enamel matrix proteins is reflected by pleiotropy of physiological functions
23. 2. 2023 IBT CMS

New technologies in the Centre of Molecular Structure

2. 3. 2023 FGÚ

V. Obšilová

K. Kohoutová

Structure and Interactions of FOXO Transcription Factors

9. 3. 2023 IBT

B. Schneider

M. Huličiak

Engineering and selection of protein binders recognising medically important cytokines
16. 3. 2023 IMB

G. Balíková Novotná

Michaela Novotná

Antibiotic resistance ABC-F proteins: Mechanism of ribosome-mediated attenuation driven by lincosamides, streptogramins A and pleuromutilins

23. 3. 2023 Faculty of Science

K. Harant

P. Žáček

O. Součková

Isobaric labeling and available application in  proteomics / Metabolomics service 
30. 3. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

J. Petrák

O. Vít

Identification of Potential Cell-surface Targets in Human Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma Using Membrane-targeting Proteomic Approaches
6. 4. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

Z. Mělková

M. Madleňáková

Heme arginate for HIV-1 cure
13. 4. 2023 IBT

C. Bařinka

J. Nedvědová

Microtubule Glutamylation - The Role of TTLL11 in The Tubulin Code
20. 4. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

M. Hons

E. Míková

Mechanobiology of lymphocyte motility
27. 4. 2023 IBT

K. Rohlenová

P. Hyroššová

Intercellular trading in nucleotide metabolism
4. 5. 2023 IMC R. Laga CANCELLED
11. 5. 2023 IBT

K. Komrsková

V. Páleníková

Sperm and seminal plasma sialoproteins and their role in male fertility
18. 5. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

S. Kmoch

V. Brinza

Intermolecular interactions in health and disease assessed by temperature-induced unfolding
25. 5. 2023 IBT

G. Pavlínková

P. Hrabalová

Dysregulation of HIF-1α in the cardiac sympathetic nervous system in combination with diabetes

1. 6. 2023 Faculty of Science

J. Brábek

A. Škarková

The different shapes and forms of cancer invasion - how to overcome invasion plasticity
8. 6. 2023 Faculty of Science

D. Rozbeský

M. Sobol

Proteoglycan-based modulation of semaphorin function
15. 6. 2023 IBT

Z. Lánský

M. Prakash

Optineurin tethers anterograde mitochondrial complex to microtubules to promote axonal mitochondrial transport
22. 6. 2023 First Faculty of Medicine

R. Janoštiak

D. Krbušek

Role of transcription factor E2F8 in Breast cancer