Gene Core - Quantitative and Digital PCR

Jsme akademické pracoviště poskytující služby specializované zejména na analýzu genové exprese pomocí kvantitativní polymerázové řetězové reakce (qPCR).

One molecule – one cell – one story

BIOCEV GeneCore – the best equipped core facility and service provider in the field of gene expression in Central Europe. We have broad experience in quality control (QC e.g. Fragment Analyser) in a single cell analysis (automated cell picking ALS Cellcelector), high-throughput and digital PCR (Fluidigm Biomark, BioRad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System) and NGS library preparation (Chromium 10X Genomics)

We emphasise quality control, which is often neglected. Effective QC is based on the use of molecular tools to control contamination (RNA/DNA spikes), genomic background (ValidPrime) and quality of RNA (ΔAmp, RIN). We also take part in development of these methods to facilitate analysis of gene expression starting from bulk samples, down to the level of individual cells (direct lysis).

In addition to conventional qPCR analysis, we focus on single cells expression profiling and multi-analyte approach. Analysis of DNA/RNA/protein in parallel in one sample even on the single cell level provides comprehensive tool to map gene expression and characterizes types of cells and to determine the degree of differentiation and to study the pathological condition.

Currently we offer assistance with library preparations and experimental design of RNA-Seq experiments, which are key preconditions for a successful project. We provide service for RNA library preparation based on state-of-art technology Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression from 10XGenomics. And also new Two-Tailed PCR for ultrasensitive analysis of microRNAs. Based on an innovative novel design with a RT primer sensing the microRNA using two connected hemi-probes exceeding sensitivity and superior specificity is achieved.

Beside higly complex, advanced studies, we provide basic PCR analyzes, primer design, probe assay design and validation of qPCR systems for rutine gene expresion or genotyping testing. All instrumentation is accesible for institutional or forein ussers for they own experiments as well as our skilled laboratory experts are ready to help you with device setup or results analyses.

Franko Filip, Mgr.
Langerová Lucie, Ing.
Rohlová Eva, Ing.
Švec David, Mgr., Ph.D.


  • Sample extraction and nucleic acid quality control
  • Assay design (qPCR and dPCR)
  • qPCR and high-throughput qPCR (gene expression, genotyping)
  • digital PCR (copy number variation, SNP or absolute quantification)
  • Single cell expression profiling
  • Library preparation, quality control and experimental design of RNA-Seq
  • miRNA analysis (Two-Tailed RT-qPCR – design and validation)
  • Elementary data analysis


  • CFX96 // BioRad // qPCR
  • CFX384 // BioRad // qPCR
  • LightCycler 480 II // Roche // qPCR
  • QX200 // Biorad // dPCR
  • Biomark // Fluidigm // high-throughput qPCR
  • EpMotion P5073 // Eppendorf // pipetting robot
  • Fragment Analyzer // Agilent // capillary electrophoresis for QC of nucleic acids
  • CellCelector™// ALS // automated single cell and colony picking system
  • NanoDrop 8000 // Thermo Fisher Scientific // spectrophotometer
  • Chromium Controller // 10x Genomics // Library preparation for single cells