Involvement of IBT in the new program of AV21 Strategy

25. 05. 2017

After obtaining the certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in January 2017, the Centre for Preclinical Testing (CPT) commenced activities with the support of the Czech Academy of Science (CAS). The primary mission of the CPT is to perform preclinical testing of substances that have successfully passed through basic research, and thus to contribute towards the development of new pharmaceuticals to combat life-threatening diseases, including those currently difficult to cure.

The Centre was established through the programme called Preclinical Testing of Potential Pharmaceuticals , which is an important part of Strategy CAS 21, the CAS initiative focusing on the practical utilization of the results of basic research (zde bude html odkaz na anglickou verzi stránek). The CPT offers a broad portfolio of tests under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and also Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. The Institute of Physiology CAS performs a coordination role for the CPT, and testing is also performed by the Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS including National infrastructure CCP, the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics CAS, and the Institute of Biotechnology CAS. The Centre is also open to participation by other institutes and institutions. The CPT offers its services to customers from both the academic and commercial sectors. Testing is carried out by recognised experts with long-term experience. The great advantages are the coordinated approach, flexibility, and the comprehensive nature of the offered services. You can find out more about the scope of CPT activities on the website: