Remarkable discovery of Prof. Jiří Neužil's research

29. 01. 2015

A tumor cell with no mitochondrial DNA, which is essential for cell function, is able to obtain mitochondria from another cell, thus restarting respiratory function and renew its tumorous potential. According to web portal IFLScience, this is a discovery that will "rewrite textbooks".

International research team of Prof. Jiří Neužil from The Institute of Biotechnology AS CR have found out that tumor cells without mitochondrial DNA have the ability to restart mitochondria function after being transported to the host (mouse) because they obtain this organelle from the host cells. "The result is that these cells regain the ability to form tumors", Prof. J. Neužil says.


This major discovery of tumor cell function has been published in the prestigious journal Cell Metabolism.


"Our work indicates the tumor cells ability to acquire mitochondrial DNA from another cells, probably via intercellular transfer of whole mitochondria, all that in the tumorous microenvironment. It also points to unusual plasticity of tumor cells and their ability to overcome adverse conditions. Mitochondrias are energetic centres of cells, in which celular respiration takes place. The lack of mitochondrial DNA leads to the loss of tumor cells ability to use oxidative phosphorylation for energy creation. That limits their growth and malignant potential", Prof. J. Neužil adds.



Tan, A. S., Baty, J. W., Dong, L., Bezawork-Geleta, A., Endaya, B., Goodwin, J., Bajzikova, M., Kovarova, J., Peterka, M., Yan, B., Pesdar, E. A., Sobol, M., Filimonenko, A., Stuart, S., Vondrusova, M., Kluckova, K., Sachaphibulkij, K., Rohlena, J., Hozak, P., Truksa, J., Eccles, D., Haupt, L. M., Griffiths, L. R., Neuzil, J. *, Berridge, M. V. Mitochondrial genome acquisition restores respiratory function and tumorigenic potential in cancer cells without mitochondrial DNA. Cell Metabolism, 21(1): 81-94, 2015. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2014.12.003. ISSN 1550-4131.


Researchers from The Institute of Biotechnology are underlined.