25th Congress of the International Union of Crystallography

29. 04. 2021

Event date:
14. 08. 2021 - 22. 08. 2021 | 9:00 - 22:00

The congress principal topics are Biological and macromolecular crystallography; Physics and fundamental crystallography; Materials and minerals; Chemical crystallography, crystal structures; Methods and instruments; Theory, computation, modelling, data, standards.

The 25th anniversary congress completes one era of congresses that started in 1948.

The event will be organized according to the circumstances either in a hybrid form, where some participants will be present in Prague, Czech Republic and the rest of the participants will be online remotely, or the congress will be purely virtual, with online presentations as the only option.

The program will be kept the same in all forms.

The online form will allow discussions on meetings and lectures before, during and after the congress. Registered participants should have everything available online for everyone within two months of the congress.

DATE: August 14. - 22., 2021

VENUE: Prague Congress Centre

Early bird registration (virtual): May 23, 2021

Early bird registration (real or update of virtual to real): June 30, 2021

Submission of abstracts for posters: June 15, 2021

For more information see iucr25.org or contact info@iucr2020.org.