Gabriela Pavlínková received the Honorary Recognition of the President of the GA of the Czech Republic

27. 06. 2023

Event date:
27. 06. 2023 | 15:38 - 15:38

For the excellent results of the project "The role of NEUROD1 and ISL1 in the development of inner ear neurons" Gabriela Pavlínková received an honorary recognition from the President of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR) last week.

This project was focused on genetic mutations of important regulators for the development of neurons and for the auditory function. Hearing impairment, the partial or total inability to hear sounds, is among the top 10 disabilities of today’s society. Hearing loss is permanent, resulting from the death of neurons or sensory cells, which have little ability to regenerate. The prevention of neuronal loss and enhancement of long-term maintenance of neurons are the most important targets for the immediate future of therapeutic interventions. This goal can be only achieved by understanding normal neuronal development, as well as molecular mechanisms involved in the dysfunction and degeneration of auditory neurons. 

This honorary recognition is awarded annually to only ten researchers of projects funded by the GA CR, two from each of the supported research areas.