Members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IBT met to evaluate the activities of the Institute

22. 06. 2022

The aim of the two-day meeting held on June 2-3 was to evaluate the research results and plans for further activities of six research laboratories, i.e. half of the Institute of Biotechnology operating in the BIOCEV center. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute of Biotechnology of the CAS (SAB) and two external members of the IBT Board met for this purpose for the first time since the establishment of the SAB in 2021.

The reflection of IBT's work from top scientific capacities and two excellent Czech scientists is extremely important. The management analyzes the conclusions of the evaluation panel and after further discussion implements them into the activities of the Institute. The evaluation will be performed at regular intervals so it will be possible to monitor and quantify the progress of the research laboratories of the Institute.

The evaluation of the laboratories was divided into two parts. The first part was a written report on the activities of the evaluated laboratories, which included not only the results achieved in the last four years, but also plans for the future. In the second part, the heads of the selected laboratories prepared short presentations. The program continued with a discussion of the report and presentation, and ended with a visit to the laboratory and interviews with its members. At the end of the panel meeting, its members prepared an individual report for each laboratory. The results of the evaluation of all selected laboratories were finally discussed with the director of IBT Bohdan Schneider, who stated: “I am very proud of the work of the Institute and its positive reflection by excellent experts from leading world workplaces. I thank the entire evaluation panel for an independent and critical view of the Institute. Observations and proposals resulting from the evaluation will be elaborated and gradually implemented into the daily workings of the Institute. "

All members of the evaluation panel reflected the expert level of the evaluated laboratories and the management of the Institute in terms of science as well as organization. The well-organized and equipped service and infrastructure laboratories of the IBT, together with the stabilized financial situation of the Institute, enable production of excellent scientific results.

The summary report of the evaluation panel is available both in Czech and English.