Laboratory of Biomolecular Recognition

We study interactions driving specific recognition between biomolecules with a potential diagnostic, medical, or biotechnological use.

Group leader: prof. Ing. Bohdan Schneider, CSc., DSc.

prof. Ing. Bohdan Schneider CSc., DSc.Detailed laboratory website:

Our goal is to understand how biological functions relate to structures of biomolecules and their interactions. We therefore concentrate on determination of biomolecular structures and dynamics of their behavior and study specific protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, their mutual recognition. In our work, we take advantage of experimental and computational methods of protein engineering, structural biology, bionformatics, and molecular modeling.

In the lab, we run several projects:

  • Cytokines. We study structure-function relationships of cytokines from the family of Interleukin 10. These signaling proteins and their receptors are important in the immunity response to viral and bacterial infection, and errors in their regulation cause serious autoimmune and/or allergic health disorders and may even promote malignancy. We concentrate on structural aspects of the cytokine interactions, determine their crystal structures, and modify their molecules to make them more stable. We also apply methods of directed evolution (ribosome and yeast display) to develop de novo proteins binding specifically FIL-10 cytokines or their receptors.
  • Bioinformatics. The lab concentrates on structural analysis of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, and on hydration around proteins and nucleic acids.

Nucleic acids are structurally plastic molecules. To identify their structural polymorphisms we analyzed structures of dinucleotide building blocks in thousands of crystal structures. We clustered them into so called conformational classes NtC and so called structural alphabet CANA. The work is summarized in several publications and the results are available on the website

Hydration. Water molecules in the first hydration shell of amino acids residues in proteins and dinucleotides in DNA are well ordered and the structure of the shell depends on the biomolecular structure and its sequence.

  • Single stranded DNA (ssDNA). ssDNA is known to play important yet largely unknown functions in genome regulation. We study one specific class of bacterial ssDNA, so called Repetitive extragenic palindromes (REP) and their associated enzyme, tyrosine transposase (RAYT).
  • Dynamics of Biomolecules. In collaboration with colleagues at ELI-Beamlines, we explore new frontiers in light and optics to create breakthrough science about biomolecular dynamics from femtoseconds to seconds.

Collaborations. The lab is a part of the Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences located at the BIOCEV center. It participates in the research program "Structural Biology and Protein Engineering”. We are also active in Instruct-ERIC and ELIXIR (3D-Bioinfo community) infrastructural projects.


Berdár Daniel
Biedermannová Lada, RNDr., Ph.D.
Fuertes Vives Gustavo
Herynek Štěpán, Mgr.
Chatterjee Aditi
Chaudhari Aditya Suresh
Kozma Jiří
Lukeš Stanislav, Bc.
Mokrejš Martin, RNDr., Ph.D.
Pattarkadavan Shehna
Pham Phuong Ngoc, Ph.D.
Svoboda Jakub, Mgr.
Škultétyová Ľubica, RNDr., Ph.D.


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GAČR: GA24-11819S, G. F. Vives: Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of proteins assisted by genetically encoded non-canonical amino acids. 2024 – 2026

MŠMT: LX22NPO5102, B. Schneider: National institute for cancer research. 2022 – 2025

MŠMT: EF16_013/0001776, B. Schneider: Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology for Human Health. 2017 – 2021

MŠMT: EF15_003/0000447, B. Schneider: Structural dynamics of biomolecular systems. 2016 – 2023

MEYS: LTAUSA18197, Schneider: Design, development, and testing of bioinformatic tools for validation of experimental and computer molecular models in structural biology, biotechnology and pharmacy. 2019-2022.

GACR: GA19-17398S, Schneider: De novo development of bivalent protein binders mimicking the function of interferons lambda. 2019-2021.

MEYS: LM2015047, Schneider: ELIXIR CZ: Czech national infrastructure for biological data. 2016-2019.

GACR: GA16-20507S, Schneider: Interleukins of the IL-10 family: specificity and targeted modulation of interactions with receptors. 2016-2018.

MEYS: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0020, Schneider, Charnavets, Pavlínková, Dodd, Hejnalová: Biotechnological expert. 2012-2015.

GACR: GAP305/12/1801, Schneider: Molecular mechanisms of association of a novel type of transposase with repetitive palindromic elements. 2012-2014.

GACR: GPP205/12/P729, Biedermannová: Effect of protein hydration shell on the stability of protein complexes. 2012-2014.

GACR: GAP305/10/2184, Schneider: Structure-function relationships underlying protein-protein interactions. 2010-2014.

GACR: GAP302/10/0427, Vondrášek: Production and characterization of biologically active recombinant human ameloblastina hard tissue regeneration and differentiation inducing protein. 2010-2012.

MEYS: MEB021032, Schneider: Complex structural analysis of interaction at the protein – nucleic acid interface by unique bioinformatic descriptors. 2010-2011.