Laboratory of Cellular Metabolism

Metabolism of healthy and tumor tissue at single cell resolution.

Kateřina Rohlenová, Ph.D.Cancer cells rewire their metabolism to satisfy the biosynthetic demands of rapid proliferation, and targeting metabolism thus represents an attractive approach to cancer therapy. Synthesis of nucleotides, the basic building blocks of DNA/RNA, can be disrupted by antimetabolites. These compounds were first introduced more than 70 years ago and represent one of the first practical approaches to cancer treatment. Yet, despite its long history and unquestionable success, antimetabolite treatment still suffers high rates of resistance and leads to toxicity in healthy tissues.

What are the reasons for resistance? While the answer to this question is not entirely known, at least part of the problem could be linked to the exchange of nucleotides within tissues. Healthy tissues as well as malignant tumors consist of number of cell types with different metabolic needs and profiles. These different cell types can metabolically communicate, e.g. one cell type can provide metabolites that are then taken up and used by another cell type in the same tissue. This crosstalk of metabolites enables collective survival in nutrient-poor environments. This may help tumor progression and metabolic crosstalk can thus limit the efficacy of metabolic interventions targeted at cancer cells.

The cellular sources of nucleotides and their building blocks in tumors and in healthy tissues are not well understood. One of the reasons is that the traditional methods of metabolic research average populations and cannot differentiate individual cell types in their natural tissue environment.

We aim to uncover how cells in tissues trade metabolites, and if healthy tissues and tumors differ in their metabolic ‘trading patterns’. Such knowledge and, especially the differences between healthy and tumor tissues, could be used to develop new therapeutic strategies that will overcome both resistance and toxicity.

We are also interested in the metabolism of quiescent cells in healthy tissues, which promotes (oxidative) stress resistance rather than biosynthesis. Characterization of metabolic pathways that support this stress resistance will contribute to reducing toxicity of cancer therapy and allow better understanding of pathologies linked to oxidative stress.

To reach our goals we combine mouse models of perturbed metabolism and single cell technologies to map the metabolic crosstalk ‘one cell at a time’ in tumors as well as in healthy tissue. Specifically, our laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art single cell approaches including single cell and spatial RNA-sequencing and metabolic MALDI imaging, combined with CRISPR screens to investigate metabolic heterogeneity in tissues. Our experimental approach gives us a unique angle to study cancer and healthy tissue metabolism from a totally new perspective and with high resolution.

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Al ghadi Ahmad Yousef Mohammad
Dmytruk Kristina
Grishina Anastasiia, Bc.
Hyroššová Petra, Mgr., Ph.D.
Jakoubě Pavel, Mgr.
Laskowska Agnieszka
Manca Maria Antonietta
Milisav Isidora
Milošević Mirko
Novotný Ondřej, Bc.
Páchniková Nina
Rohlena Jakub, Mgr., Ph.D.
Rohlenová Kateřina, Mgr., Ph.D.
Stanko Róbert, Mgr.
Škoda Josef, Mgr., Ph.D.
Wong Soon Julian


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*Shared first author

# Shared corresponding author

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