Laboratory of Tumour Resistance

Laboratory is focused on the mechanisms of cancer resistance and iron metabolism

Group leader: Mgr. Jaroslav Truksa, Ph.D.

Mgr. Jaroslav Truksa, Ph.D.The major research topics investigated in the lab are:

  1. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer resistance, proliferation and recurrence
  2. Describing the biology of cancer stem-like cells with particular interest in their iron metabolism
  3. Developing novel therapeutic approaches that affect cancer cells based on mitochondrial targeting and interference with iron metabolism
  4. Deciphering the molecular mechanisms that govern appropriate systemic iron metabolism

We cultivate and investigate the molecular profiles of cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) that grow as three dimensional „spheres“ and resemble more closely real tumours. CSCs show upregulation of the ABC transporters that confer resistance to commonly used anti-cancer drugs and exhibit marked changes in their iron metabolism, making them more susceptible to iron chelation.

We also elucidate molecular mechanisms that underlie tamoxifen-resistance in breast cancer cells and we have found increased level of mitochondrial reactive oxygen and altered mitochondrial structure and function in these cells. Importantly, we have also shown that high expression of miR-301a-3P in estrogen positive breast cancer cells results in inhibition of estrogen signalling, thus participating in the transition to tamoxifen resistance.

Based on the high iron requirements of cancer cells in general, we are developing novel promising iron chelators that are targeted to mitochondria as a crucial organelle that is responsible for the supply of both biologically utilized forms of iron, the FeS clusters and heme. The novel compounds show markedly profound cytostatic and cytotoxic effect on cancer cells while sparing non-malignant cells and reduce tumor growth in vivo.

We further focus on the normal sytemic iron homeostasis with particular interest in hepcidin, erythroferrone and matriptase-2 as critical molecules that govern the organismal response to iron deficiency, iron overload, hypoxia or enhanced erythropoiesis.


Jadhav Sukanya Balkrishna
Pacior Pampín Yaiza
Potomová Petra, Mgr.
Psotová Jana, Ing.
Sandoval Acuna Cristian Adrian
Sheokand Riya
Truksa Jaroslav, Mgr., Ph.D.


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GAČR:  GA23-06208S, Truksa: Targeting tamoxifen resistance in breast carcinoma: the role of glycerophospholipid metabolism

MŠMT (NÚVR): LX22NPO5102, Truksa: National institute for cancer research

GAČR: GA21-14082S, Truksa: Úloha Notch signální dráhy v mechanismu působení nových taxanových derivátů. 2021 - 2023

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MŠMT (NPUII): LQ1604, Truksa: BIOCEV - od základního k aplikovanému výzkumu. 2016-2020.

GAČR: GA16-12816S, Truksa: Závislost rakovinných buněk na oxidativní fosforylaci a její vztah k iniciaci a terapii nádorů. 2016-2018.

Advanced Human Capital Program of the National Commision for Scientific and Technological Research (Chile): Vliv mitochondriálně cílených polyhydroxy benzoátů na buňky rakoviny prsu. 2015. Stipendium pro výměnný pobyt v zahraničí, University of Chile.

The Kellner Family Foundation (Principal Investigator Award): Truksa: Expression and regulation of multidrug resistance proteins in tumour-initiating cells (TICs). 2013-2016.

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