Laboratory of Structural Proteins

Cytoskeletal dynamics at single molecule resolution

Group leader: RNDr. Zdeněk Lánský, Ph.D.

RNDr. Zdeněk Lánský, Ph.DCytoskeletal networks form the internal dynamic scaffold of living cells essential for key cellular processes, such as cell division, cell motility or morphogenesis. Ensembles of cytoskeletal proteins self-assemble to drive these processes. Our aim is to understand the principles that underpin their collective action resulting in the generation of a coherent behavior of the cytoskeletal networks.

We study i) neuronal pathfinding, a foundational process in ontogenetic development, ii) contractility of actin networks and their anchoring to the plasma membrane, key for cytokinesis, the final stage of cell division, iii) regulatory roles of intrinsically disordered, microtubule-associated proteins, essential axonal factors known for their roles in a number of neurodegenerative diseases and iv) long-range intracellular transport and trafficking of organelles, key for example for the maintenance of neuronal function. 

Our main experimental strategy is bottom-up reconstitution of cytoskeletal networks from individual components in vitro. We use genetic manipulations, biochemical and biophysical methods and mathematical modelling. Central to our approach are imaging and force measurement techniques with single molecule resolution. Employing methods of physics, we quantitatively describe the studied biological systems and predict their behavior.

Beber Alexandre
Braun Marcus
Čermáková Nikola, Mgr., Ph.D.
Gryčová Lenka, Mgr., Ph.D.
Hlubučková Darina
Karhanová Adéla
Khuntsariya Daria, Ing.
Konečná Kateřina, Mgr.
Kroftová Kristýna, Ing.
Lánská Eva, Mgr., Ph.D.
Lánský Zdeněk, RNDr., Ph.D.
Mohite Prasad Kumar
Podhájecký Roman, Mgr.
Prakash Manjari
Sabó Ján, Mgr.
Siahaan Valerie
Šetek Filip
Šliková Pavlína
Váňová Veronika, Mgr.
Zdobinský Tomáš, Mgr.
Ždímalová Michaela


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MEYS: LX22NPO5107: Lánský: National institute for Neurological Research. 2022 - 2025

GACR: GA20-04068S, Braun: Translating microtubule envelope sectioning into cytoskeletal structure and function. 2020-2022.

GACR: GX19-27477X, Lánský: Cytoskeletal mechanics of the growth cone steering. 2019-2023.

GACR: GA18-08304S, Lánský: Reconstitution of mitochondrial trasport system in vitro. 2018-2020.

GACR: GA18-19705S, Lánský: High-fidelity fast tracking of protein motion mechanisms. 2018-2020.

GACR: GJ17-12496Y, Braun: The role of protein friction in the adaptive regulation of microtubule depolymerization and rescue. 2017-2019.

GACR: GA15-17488S, Lánský: Force coupling between microtubules and actin filaments by unconventional myosins. 2015-2017.

MEYS (OP RDI): ED2.1.00/19.0390, Lánský: Introduction of new research methods to BIOCEV. 2015.