Laboratory of Structural Bioinformatics of Proteins

Strukturní a funkční vlastnosti biologicky významných molekul a jejich interakcí pomocí nástrojů strukturní bioinformatiky a molekulového modelování.

Group leader: Ing. Jiří Černý, Ph.D.

The research concentrates on understanding the structural and functional features of biologically relevant molecules and their interactions employing the tools of Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling. We closely collaborate with researchers within IBT and BIOCEV as well as with external groups on analysis of structural data, rational design of protein mutations, and design of ligands and inhibitors of studied proteins.

Studied systems
  • Analysis of conformational behavior of oligopeptide blocks in proteins.
  • Design and identification of stable protein folds suitable for mutagenesis.
  • Identification of key protein residues involved in recognition and strength of interaction.
  • Development and testing of computational methods and procedures for modeling of structure and properties of biomolecules and their complexes.
  • Development of novel computational methods and parameter optimization for description of designed ligands and inhibitors and their interactions.
  • Homology modeling.
  • Molecular dynamics simulations (MD).
  • Ab initio quantum chemical calculations.
  • In silico mutagenesis.
  • Protein/protein and protein/small molecule docking.
Aliakbartehrani Zahra
Božíková Paulína, Mgr.
Černý Jiří, Ing., Ph.D.
Malý Michal, Mgr., Ph.D.
Schramlová Barbora, Bc.


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