Head of Junior Laboratory

11. 03. 2024

Datum konání akce:
11. 03. 2024 - 13. 05. 2024 | 11:35 - 23:59


The Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IBT) announces an open competition in accordance with the Act No. 283/1992 Coll. on the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Statutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences for the position:

Head of Junior Laboratory

We are seeking a talented early-career scientist who has already produced excellent supervised work, is ready to work independently and to be a research leader. We welcome applications from self-motivated candidates with substantial international research experience and an outstanding scientific track record. Candidates should propose highly innovative research projects and demonstrate that they can work independently and successfully acquire third-party funding. Candidates from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.


  • Early career scientist eligible for the ERC Starting Grant (see the European Research Council web for details)
    • 2-7 years of experience since PhD defense - can be extended for reasons such as maternity leave, paternity leave, illness, etc.
    • Scientific track record showing great promise.
  • At least 2 years research experience outside of the Czech Republic in the past 3 years (up to the date of position opening)
  • Focus on an area of research, which (i) is in accordance with IBT’s mission (to conduct basic research leading to the understanding of biomolecular mechanisms, which can contribute to next generation medicines and innovative biotechnologies), (ii) is feasible using the research infrastructure available at IBT (ibt.cas.cz)and at the BIOCEV center (biocev.org), and (iii) is complementary to the research performed by existing IBT labs.

Documents Required for Application:

  • Cover Letter:

A personalized statement describing the candidate's interest in the position, alignment with the institute's research focus, and career goals.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Detailed academic and professional background, awards, research experience, and relevant skills, funding history. A complete list of published works, including journal articles, conference papers, and any other relevant publications. Provide details of your two best publications including a short summary and an explanation of why you chose that particular paper (max 1000 characters).

  • Synopsis of recent work:

Please describe the research carried out during your PhD and postdoctoral research. Max 1 page.

  • Research Plan:

A comprehensive research proposal highlighting the candidate's scientific vision, methodology, objectives, and potential impact. Provide a financial plan of the group and requirements for laboratory equipment. Max 4 pages.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation:

Letters from mentors, colleagues, or supervisors supporting the candidate's qualifications, research capabilities, and leadership potential.

  • Transcripts and Certificates:

Transcripts of academic records and certificates validating degrees and academic achievements.

Desired skills and competencies:

  • Educational Qualifications:

A Ph.D. in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, or a related field.

  • Research Experience:

Demonstrated experience in conducting independent research projects.

A track record of impactful publications in peer-reviewed journals relevant to the field.

Experience collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and leading research initiatives.

  • Leadership and Management Skills:

Ability to lead a research group, mentor junior researchers, and collaborate effectively with peers.

Evidence of strong organizational and managerial skills to oversee projects, budgets, and resources effectively.

  • Innovative Research Proposal:

Ability to prepare well-developed research proposals outlining novel ideas, methodologies, and potential contributions to the field with clearly defined objectives, feasibility, and relevance to the institute's focus areas.

  • Grant Writing Experience:

Prior success in securing funding or experience in writing grant proposals.

Understanding of funding mechanisms and grant application processes, especially the ERC Starting Grant requirements.

  • Communication Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills to disseminate research findings, collaborate with stakeholders, and engage in scientific discourse.

  • Track record of scientific community service:

Evidence of interest and willingness to contribute to creating a stimulating environment for researchers.

Starting package and time frame:

Institutional funding consists of:

-              1 600 thousand CZK for personnel costs every year for 5 years (lab head ´ s wage up to 85 000 CZK/month)

-              1 500 thousand CZK for consumable and services every year for 3 years

-              Basic equipment – negotiable

Total 12 500 000 CZK, ~500 k EUR for 5 years.

First developmental appraisal of the laboratory performance and practices will be conducted during the third year of its existence. At the end of the fifth year, the lab will be evaluated with two possible outcomes: change of status to senior lab or lab termination. In case of the lab termination, up to an extra year of institutional support will be provided.

Expected start date: January 2025

In your application package, make sure you address the following questions:

  • Why are you specifically interested in a junior group leader position at IBT?
  • How would you summarize your contributions to science so far? Why is this important?
  • What are the main scientific questions you will be going after with your research program? How will this differ from your previous scientific advisers?
  • Are there any special pieces of equipment, resources, or access to core facilities that you will need in your lab or need access to, to be successful?
  • Outside of IBT, are there any research labs you see yourself interacting with?

Deadline for submission: 13. 5. 2024

To apply, please send all required documents to hr@ibt.cas.cz.

For more information, please, contact hr@ibt.cas.cz

More details on the processing of personal data are available on the website: